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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  November 5, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the death of mohammad a savage case of vigilante justice. the charges were initially reduced to aggravated assault and today, they were dropped altogether. the prosecutors stated in court documents, quote, based upon all the evidence we have this far gathered, there is an insufficient basis to sustain the charge of aggravated assault to mr. mohammad. his death, as you might remember, sparked community outrage and hundreds turned out for a candlelight vig le.
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we have not heard from the medical examiner. he's not ruled a cause of death. the men were expected back in court on monday and that mean one reason the charges were dropped. we don't know how he died just yet. we're following breaking news from metro. the transit agency said that it will begin inspecting the brakes on all of its escalators starting tonight. this comes in the wake of -- weak of an escalator accident that injured six people this past saturday. our preliminary investigation showed that the brakes on the escalator failed, causing it to speed up and hurl riders to the bottom. metro's investigating reports of a similar accident happening on wednesday at the gallery place china town station after the caps game. the news edge following a developing story this evening,
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virginia congressman jerry connelly is in the hospital. connelly is locked in a bitter battle for his house seat this election year. it's so close tuesday's results are still not certified. wisdom martin is live in arlington with the latest. what do you know? >> reporter: the details we have now are that connelly went to the hospital to be checked out by his doctor for some unknown reason and this is after the election and his doctor recommended that he check into the hospital for further testing. we don't the details and have not been told the details are exactly of what the doctor saw and why -- [ indiscernible ] a spokesperson said that details are a private matter and he's doing well and is expected to be heading home this weekend. the person said he expects to be back at work for the people of northern virginia on monday. and this comes as connelly's locked into a tight elect battle with and they're still counting votes. the bores are canvassing each precinct and checks the numbers
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and connelly did have the lead at last count. that request if less than 1%, would have to be made november 22nd when the board meets to certify the election numbers. as of right now, connelly is in the hospital and is expected to be released this weekend and we don't know what is wrong with him. a spokesperson said he will be fine. >> our thoughts and prayers are with him as all. and on tuesday's big loss for democrats in the house, democratic speaker nancy pelosi said she wants to stay in power even as her party takes a back seat to republicans in the house. the news followed days of speculation about her plans and not all democrats are happy about it. tom fitzgerald is -- tom fitzgerald is there with more. >> reporter: the reason we here, we learned that speaker pelosi was going to try to hold on to power and about 110, a
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tweet went out and she's going to have to change the handle and -- to protect social security and medy care, i am running for dem leader and this comes as something is a surprise. many people were expecting a shakeup after what president obama described as a shellacking for the democrat. >> the house will come to order. >> reporter: speaker of the house nancy pelosi might be giving up her gavel but not her top spot with the democrats. >> we have taken the country in a new direction. >> reporter: pelosi hadn't said what direction she would take until posting on twitter she would run for house minority leader and following that up with a letter to democrats asking for their support. >> the american people spoke on elect night and elected republicans in droves. >> reporter: john boehner will replace pelosi after it 60-seat
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pickup for the gop. the republicans are not the only ones who made pelosi a campaign issue. >> and voted against her energy tax cut. >> reporter: this is one of several this year by democratic candidates questioning pelosi's leadership during her own campaign. >> and i voted against nancy pelosi's trillion dollar healthcare bill. >> reporter: her decision to stick around creates a logjam in other democratic leadership spots. >> americans are sending a strong message that things report the way they should be. >> reporter: congressman steny hoyer, the democrats' current leader won't challenge her if she wanted to stay on and it's undecided as the number two job of minority whip. >> no one's fought harder than the speaker of the house. >> reporter: chris van holland is stepping down from heading up the democrat committee and could be in the mix for another leadership spot. democrats are going public with calls for fresh faces. >> with that big of a defeat, i think you shake up your leadership and that is what
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happens in the private sector when companies have performances that don't work well and that happens in the sporting world when teams don't do well. >> reporter: for now, pelosi remains the democrat's quarterback unless one of her teammates decides to challenge her on alcohol. staying with that analogy, there is increasing talk to on capitol hill that that could be an actual quarterback, a former washington redskins quarterback heath shriller is a democratic congressman from north carolina and is a conservative democrat, a vocal critic of nancy pelosi the last few years and there is talk he could melt -- meld a challenge to nancy pelosi's position. >> and all right, tom. msnbc suspended keith we'llberman indefinitely without pay for making political: 00s politico reported on friday he contributed to the campaigning of three democratic candidates this fall, including one on the same day he appeared on his countdown program and there is no comment.
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new numbers show companies created more jobs last month. the labor department said the survey of employers showed a get 19 net gain of 151,000 jobs. the unemployment rate measured by a separate survey refused to budge and remains stuck at 9.6% the third straight month. hundreds of jobs are leaving the district coming to maryland next year. why that is causing congestion concerns. back in two.
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>> 4500 jobs will be leaving the district headed for maryland next year and that is causing congestion concerns. when walter reed closes and the naval medical center completes the major expanding, all the extra traffic heading to bethesda will be creating a
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whole new batch of congestion concerns. bob barnard is live in chevy chase with what officials plan to do about it. >> reporter: don't expect a bunch of new road construction projects. what montgomery county transportation planters -- learns are expecting is a doubling in the number of hospital visits to the new military medical center from a half million to 1 million each year traffic along connecticut and wisconsin avenues and further up on rockville point is bad enough right now. >> it's ridiculous and has been like this for years and is going to get worse. >> reporter: every morning and evening. i mean the traffic is horrible, but i don't see any way they can expand the roads here? >> reporter: she's right, they can't. >> and what happens when they start to develop? there is not much base to, you know, no room to wiggle and make anything better. >> that is the dilemma facing the transportation officials preparing for next september's completion of the greatly- expanded walter reed national military medical center in bethesda. >> we're going to make it less bad but can't make it great. won't promise that. >> reporter: phil alperson is
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montgomery county's coordinator and they'll be dedicating additional turn lanes during rush hours. >> these improvements we're talking about will make it relatively better, even though there is going to be more traffic. >> how does rudy enis grade this congestion? >> it will be enough. pure and simple. >> right now, the traffic is considered failing at the intersections. if we don't do anything as brac comes along, they will, instead of having the greated s, it would be like if your kid came home, i got an h on my report card. >> why not create a ramp from the beltway to the adjacent military campus. >> it would be like bumper cars on the way. it would be safe and dangerous for cars to we've in and out trying to access one, two, three, four different beltway exits within a mile and a half of each other. >> reporter: with foot traffic crossing the pike expected to grow from 3 to 7,000 pedestrians a day, officials may build an underground tunnel
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connecting the medical center and metro station. back live now, i'll tell you transportation planners are hoping to find ways, brian, to encourage more people to take public transportation. >> the alternative of losing the jobs, for sure. still ahead here on the news edge, call it divine intervention. >> happening upon $200,000, well, some might call that luck, but the sisters here say it's something more. 400,000 square feet, 27 floors. india's richest man is getting ready to move into the world's most expensive home. along with his wife and three kids and a full-time staff of how many do you think? 600 will live there. the home is valued at a staggering $1 billion features three helipads, ballrooms, yoga studios and a parking lot capable of holding 168 cars. 
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>> not a miracle but the sisters are celebrating tonight and have received an extraordinary gift, a rare baseball card depicting one of the greatest players of all time and there are 50 in the world and as beth parker shows us, the gift is a discovery. >> reporter: pressings sometimes come in unusual packages. >> in a plastic container. >> reporter: and sister virginia mueller has no doubt where this came from. >> we know it's a gift. >> reporter: a gift to the school sisters of notre dame in baltimore and not just any gift, a home run. >> just wonderful and god is good. >> reporter: a man who died earlier this year left them his entire estate. >> his attorney invited me to
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go to the bank with him to open a safe deposit box. >> reporter: yes, the card along with a note. >> although damaged, this card will be exponentially valuable in the 21st century. >> reporter: the card made between 1909 and 1911 has a large crease but wagner is considered one of the greatest players of all time. >> i didn't know anything about him but i did take myself to the internet and to the library. >> reporter: and took themes to someone who could authenticate the card and then came the voice mail. >> congratulations, sister virginia, you have an authentic wagner baseball card. >> reporter: they auctioned it off and the dealer bought it for $220,000. they're not sure how they will spend the money but they work to educate women and the poor. >> we focus on helping people reach the fullness of their potential. >> reporter: and the sisters here have a smoke-free campus and honus wagner may have liked that. one of the reasons there are
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not many of his cards is because they stopped productions early. the cards were sponsored by a tobacco company and the story is that wagner didn't want children. they had to buy tobacco to get his baseball card. the sisters got a congratulatory call from wagner's granddaughter. >> she said my grandfather was a sweet, gentle, wonderful man and what else would you want anyone to say about you? >> reporter: when asked the name of her favorite baseball player? >> reporter: quickly -- the honus wagner and is not much of a baseball fan. beth parker, fox 5 news. local food banks could use that kind of gift. the rising cost of food we have
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seen a spike in the numbers it costs us. >> the food bank spent $45,000 last year purchasing food. this year, the cost is about $60,000. >> it's chilly out there and that rain got out of here. >> i have good news for you. >> okay. >> upper 60s. >> find my -- . >> and going to get cool tonight and don't get out the shorts too early. and let you us know. right there with you and getting increasingly dark is the time of sunrise, sunset, rather, and we're going to be beginning standard time this weekend and you know it's dark here at 6:18. next week at this time, dark at 5:18 and this is the weekend we -- turning our clocks back more and managed to get into the upper 50s with some sunshine and a deck of clouds, that built up this afternoon and all
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in all, a nicer day than i expected it to be. the weekend generally cool and dry, more sunshine on sunday than we will have on saturday and there is going to be snow in the mountains. that hasn't gotten going yet and we are definitely talking about a warmer week next week and that looks like it will be -- as well and let's show what you is going on. you will set your clocks back. the sun will go down sunday at 5:01 and will be dark at 5:30. the sun's coming up earlier and the days are probably not seeing the temperatures spiking at 3 or 4 in the afternoon but maybe a 2 or 3. reagan, 58 degrees today; dills, 56; bwi marshal 56 degrees and that is below average this time of the year and next week, we'll be above it and down to 46 in
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gaithersburg; monasses there and martinsburg, 47 and a rain- snow mix will begin in a few hours and they need to drop more. you can see the clouds coming in and the moisture that is spiraling around our upper level low pressure system and that looks like a few inches in the mountains and the higher spots could get up to six inches and the winter weather advisory are flying and the colder air is coming in and the breezes. if the drive takes you through interstate 68, you can see a little snow over the weekend and on that order for most and there are spots in garrett county that will get up to six inches of snow and somethings interesting to keep an eye on and that will drop to freezing if not below and d.c. will come in at 38 degrees and the breezes are better now. tomorrow, our saturday is a mix of sun and clouds. still cool at 52 degrees and when we go into that weekend, i think sunday will be a brighter
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day. 8 in the morning on saturday, 40 degrees. by noon, 48 and 4:00, 52 and this is our last full day of daylight saving time and hurricane tomas is battering haiti and that'll get a grand total of 69 and great concern about the possibility of mud slides and have had three people die. a category 1 hurricane and they will be moving out of the way and there is a concern for haiti and the upgoing cholera outbreak there and 53 for sunday and on monday, a change and 58 degrees, and that is there about 5 or so and tuesday, lots of sunshine, 63
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and on wednesday, 63. coming up in sports, will this duo be on the courts? when the wizards take on the knicks at the garden next. ♪
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good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. gilbert arenas is set to make the season debut for the wizards, playing up in new york against the knicks and hasn't played in a regular season game since january 55th -- 5th. he was able to practice this morning without complications and had returned to practice on wednesday after returning with a strained tendon in his right ankle. the coach said even if he plays, he won't start and having him back is a big boost. >> -by-an all-pro player with an ability to score and has been in big situations and doesn't get flustered by -- no matter what the stage is and
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that is better the bigger the stage and because of that, he is going to help the younger guy and a guy you can rely on. >> the second straight year, the cowboys owner has had to come out and say the job is secure and will finish the season and things in dallas are in disarray and redskins are on the biweek and several players say they have big plans for the rest. >> i'm going to chicago to coast -- coach my son's high school team they want me to come there and to make sure they doing everything right. >> and -- >> and family and friends and relax. >> and have family time down there with them and that will be fun. >> try to get some rest and hopefully i have my newborn son. everyone better watch out.
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>> and the terps offense, clicking behind o'brian and a career high four touchdown passes last week and against wake forest. miami has a tough defense and this year is no different. >> it's typical miami, billing, fast, physical and i have been saying we have physical receivers and going to be an interesting matchup outside and we have a butch of guys with one-on-one coverage and going down to the field -- down the field and looking forward to it. >> big acc action. virginia tech hosting georgia tech. the yellow jacket his scored to tie the game at 21 and on that ensuing kickoff, david wilson returns at 90 yards for the touchdown and win the 27th in a row, 28-21 is the final and tonight, the capitols host the
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-- capitals host the bruins. the redskins are off on sunday and one nfl game on fox and that is the giants versus the seahawks and we have highlights at 10. that is all from old mill high school. >> and we'll see you then. breaking news, the hearing ended for a man accused of parking a truck with weapons inside. the judge ordered him to be held without bond. during the hearing, he began yelling at the judge and said he can not survive in jail and is charged with three counts of inlicensed pistols and having unregistered firearm and ammunition. on wednesday, the police officer noticed the 66-year- old's pickup truck and trailer parked in front of the national air and space museum. we're staying on top of that story and will bring you the latest throughout the evening on and, of course, the latest tonight at 10. the news edge at 11. friday night, have a fantastic night. come back and see you later. s
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